Watch It: Withnail & I

The 60s are coming to an end and as Danny, the local narcotics supplier suggests, they “have failed to paint it black”. For the title characters, two flailing actors, this is all too obvious.

Watching the happenings of both Withnail (Richard E. Grant) and I, (Paul McGann, who assumes the role of narrator throughout) sees me laugh inappropriately each and every time I watch it. And boy have I watched it. At one point I wouldn’t be able to get home and into bed without first pressing play on the VCR that had self-rewound to the start from the night before viewing.

Sitting firmly in the overused category of ‘cult classic’ the journey through Camden Town unemployment takes the pair from the comforts of a London boozer to the unfamiliar sights and sounds of the Penrith countryside, travelling the lengths of the motorway in a MK2 Jag.

All the while they are battling against anything and everything that could possibly go wrong. From angry Irishmen who take an immediate dislike for the pair of ‘ponces’ to randy bulls in the top field. Sprinkle some of Danny’s medicine, unadulterated child’s piss, and a lustful homosexual uncle into the mix and you’ve got yourself a cocktail for a belter of a film.

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words and art by @thomasjofficial

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