The Hemingford Arms, North London (Feb, 2019)

The banging headache of a Sunday morning, one which I’m not all that accustomed to, is threatening to ruin the day. Such a seasoned drinker rarely feels the effects of a hangover but in this instance the antics of Saturday have caught up and have thrown a spanner behind the eyes with an almighty crash against tin pot brain cells.

Nevertheless, wallowing in self-pity never got anybody anywhere, and we don’t work all week to stay in bed all Sunday. No.

A couple of folk, partner included, are heading out to The Hemingford Arms in Barnsbury, North London so it would be rude of me to turn down the invite. On delicate legs I take myself on a half hour journey to the pub, of which none of the group have frequented before, so we get to share this new experience together.

As its ivy covered walls greet me from the top of the hill that I’m climbing, I spot the roadside seating. I’m liking it already. Irish vibes hit me as I walk through the door and I am instantly relieved to have found a ‘real pub’. A term that gets over, and incorrectly, used. But in this sense, it’s just that.

FA Cup football is on the telly and the centrally positioned bar is housing the keen eyes of football fans. But it’s not overbearing nor overwhelmingly “football pub”. On any of the tables, you can quite easily not know there is any football on. The walls are filled with trinkets and stuffed birds where normally you may find an unnecessary TV.

Food wise, you’ve got a full Thai menu. Sunday roasts were offered in the afternoon, but when the kitchen reopened at 6, it was the Asian cuisines providing the evening’s delicacies. Which, was perfect for my hazy Sunday way. With a nice selection of options that are most welcomed as an end of the weekend treat.

The beer selection, an important part of a pub visit, covers all the essentials. All the popular lagers, ciders and naturally, Guinness, which was being supped by the barrel load by the vast majority of the afternoon drinkers. A good sign.

As the night moved on, I got talking to one of the staff who advised me that it was probably the worst night to make my first appearance at the pub as usually they would have live music on. We just so happened to turn up on the rare night off.

But that didn’t put me off. The fact that I have a reason to go back to check out the musical vibes is only a good thing.

Hemmy, you’ve got a thumbs from me.

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