Albums Getting Me Through The Day #1

Let’s be honest, for most of us, things are a bit shit right now. Props to those who aren’t being dragged down by negative vibes, but for a lot of folk I talk to, the hell is real. Whilst we’re all here for each other, when that goes wrong, it usually results in a three day bender and the following days being ten times worse than the days before. Yeah, a limit on the booze intake is most definitely a good thing for old noggin, but I’m not here to preach that. Moderation and all that.

No. I’m here instead to preach the power of music. Personally, when I’ve been feeling shit whacking an album on as soon as I wake up helps up no end. Get an album done whilst shitting and showering, followed by a walk to work which fits another album in. Perfect.

I prefer to listen to albums in full generally and appreciate how the artist wanted it to come across and all that. Call me a wanker or whatever, but that’s how it is. I’m not against playlists at all, made some bloody good ones actually, but the charm of an album tops it for me.

Whilst I’ve always liked the idea of sharing an album a day, it kind of loses its magic if it’s done just for the sake of it. That’s where good friend of The Bungalow, Harry, has come in with his #AlbumsGettingMeThroughTheDay on Twitter.

The hashtag really sums up what the music is doing at these moments, and whilst it will always be best to pick your own albums, which of course you are experts in, we’ll share ours with you and yours with the world.

Together we’ll build a collection of #AlbumsGettingMeThroughTheDay for all to enjoy, as we march on towards a collective improvement in our mental health.

To kick things off, we go back to December 9th 2019 when H dropped his first instalment.

The Wedding Present – Bizarro (1989) which up on original LP release contained 10 tracks. Below are the UK remastered CD version with seven additional tracks added to the end.

Above is a YouTube playlist that you can enjoy right here (which should work forever, or until someone pulls it down).

Here is a link to the album on Spotify for those on the go.

What albums are getting you through the day? Discuss in the comments below!

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