Welcome to Capsule Social, the long time brain child that has been bubbling under the mainstream surface since day dot. Now, this ever growing site, will encapsulate the past, present, and future for all to reap.

Capsule Social will be recognising, discussing, and celebrating the timeless charms of music, film, culture, and sport.

In doing so we are bringing the following projects under the Capsule Social banner:

The Bungalow DJs – Since 2010 The Bungalow have been playing the best tunes from the past 68 years to drunk and debaucherous crowds of the Midlands, and will be sharing their musical insights with the Capsule Social. Keep an eye out for articles, events and playlists.

Football Byline – Looking at football from all times, nations, and levels. The beautiful game has always stretched from the heights of the professionals to the joys of dog shit filled grassy areas of the youth. The Football Byline dances with nostalgia and toys with the antics of present day primadonnas.

Tommy’s Tankard – Navigating around as many pubs as possible, sampling as many different tipples as time and liver will permit. All in the name of rewarding those worthy enough with a place in the Capsule Social. Watch out landlords, Tommy (and his tankard) will be visiting.

Capsule Social will be bringing the best of everything that has ever graced our eyes, ears, and taste buds into one place. For all to enjoy. For some it will be a trip down memory lane whilst for others it will just be the start of their journey.

But no matter what stage you’re at, all are welcome at the Capsule Social.