Digital Dystopia or Online Utopia?

Picture. A summer of restlessness and solitary confinement. Inability to work, money and food shortages, private renters turfed out onto the streets for the sake of those who can afford a life without working in the general sense of the word. Fighting on the streets for the last loaf of bread and people stealing cows.Continue reading “Digital Dystopia or Online Utopia?”

Albums Getting Me Through The Day #1

Let’s be honest, for most of us, things are a bit shit right now. Props to those who aren’t being dragged down by negative vibes, but for a lot of folk I talk to, the hell is real. Whilst we’re all here for each other, when that goes wrong, it usually results in a threeContinue reading “Albums Getting Me Through The Day #1”

Bungalow Returns To Action: 7th February 2020

The Bungalow DJs return to Claptrap on 7th February with their disco covering all of the best music from the past 68 years. Indie, ska, reggae, mod, northern soul, britpop, the lot. If it is worth being played, it will be. Claptrap will be serving up plenty of craft beer refreshments and interesting cocktails. ComeContinue reading “Bungalow Returns To Action: 7th February 2020”

Bungalow DJs @ Claptrap the Venue (23.08.19)

The Bungalow returns with the best music from the past 68 years at Claptrap the venue. Along with great music, there will be great drinks, lots of dancing and lots of friendly faces. Capacity does get capped so try to get there early to guarantee your spot for the night. Click the poster to checkContinue reading “Bungalow DJs @ Claptrap the Venue (23.08.19)”


So the season is officially underway and we have had some absolute pearlers to start off the game. Alex Evans’ Brutal Deluxe steam to the top of the league, and thus picking up the Manager of The Week Award for GW1, with the 97 points. Joel Stobbs’ Gangster’s Allardyce came in at a close 2ndContinue reading “FPL GAMEWEEK 1 LEAGUE UPDATE”

KWFC Hall of Famers Immortalised

Welcoming Kilburn Wednesday Football Club into the Capsule Social family has been a pleasure, and the first exhibit from the club is their prestigious Hall of Fame award. Whilst it has been etched into the memories of those proud recipients of the honour, for all else, unless they were to find a scrap of paperContinue reading “KWFC Hall of Famers Immortalised”