Albums Getting Me Through The Day #1

Let’s be honest, for most of us, things are a bit shit right now. Props to those who aren’t being dragged down by negative vibes, but for a lot of folk I talk to, the hell is real. Whilst we’re all here for each other, when that goes wrong, it usually results in a threeContinue reading “Albums Getting Me Through The Day #1”

Bungalow Returns To Action: 7th February 2020

The Bungalow DJs return to Claptrap on 7th February with their disco covering all of the best music from the past 68 years. Indie, ska, reggae, mod, northern soul, britpop, the lot. If it is worth being played, it will be. Claptrap will be serving up plenty of craft beer refreshments and interesting cocktails. ComeContinue reading “Bungalow Returns To Action: 7th February 2020”

Bungalow DJs @ Claptrap the Venue (23.08.19)

The Bungalow returns with the best music from the past 68 years at Claptrap the venue. Along with great music, there will be great drinks, lots of dancing and lots of friendly faces. Capacity does get capped so try to get there early to guarantee your spot for the night. Click the poster to checkContinue reading “Bungalow DJs @ Claptrap the Venue (23.08.19)”

Bungalow DJs at Shakefest Part Deux…For Parkinson’s

The Bungalow DJs are delighted to announce that they are performing at this year’s Shakefest Part Deux…for Parkinson’s at The Hinksford Arms in Kingswinford. The festival is to raise awareness for Parkinson’s UK. You can donate to the wonderful cause here. The announced lineup below shows the full lineup featuring; The Ian Sutherland Band, ShiftyContinue reading “Bungalow DJs at Shakefest Part Deux…For Parkinson’s”

Track of the Day: Pixies – Debaser

I have to say it is up there with my favourite guitar riffs of all time. Goosebumps immediate start popping up as soon as it kicks in and that has without doubt made it a regular on my earphones. Vocally, the delivery is a masterpiece which anybody / everybody out there making a band shouldContinue reading “Track of the Day: Pixies – Debaser”

Track of the Day: Butthole Surfers – Pepper

The scene; Monday morning walk through the streets of North London with the sun shining down on the sunglasses. A white t-shirt almost see through from perspiration and music being played above the recommended safe volume levels direct into ear. The track; Pepper by Butthole Surfers, from the album Electriclarryland, is immediately being transferred fromContinue reading “Track of the Day: Butthole Surfers – Pepper”

Bungalow DJs @ Claptrap the venue (7.6.19)

For nearly 10 years The Bungalow has been filling dance floors around the Midlands with the best music of the past 68 years and there is no sign of it stopping. With Capsule Social taking The Bungalow boys under their proverbial wing, expect to see a lot more from them. The next night is atContinue reading “Bungalow DJs @ Claptrap the venue (7.6.19)”

Help Us Fill The Capsule

Here at Capsule Social we are bringing together everything that we feel makes life great. But to do that properly, we’re going to need the help of the world. If you or anybody you know has a passion for writing or content creation and would be interested in sharing with the Capsule Social world thenContinue reading “Help Us Fill The Capsule”

The Hemingford Arms, North London (Feb, 2019)

The banging headache of a Sunday morning, one which I’m not all that accustomed to, is threatening to ruin the day. Such a seasoned drinker rarely feels the effects of a hangover but in this instance the antics of Saturday have caught up and have thrown a spanner behind the eyes with an almighty crashContinue reading “The Hemingford Arms, North London (Feb, 2019)”